Thursday, December 27, 2007

Restless Planet

I am sure you watched the movie Jurassic Park. The idea of Jurassic Park has always intrigued me and I am a fan of it. I often wondered why a whole theme park couldn’t be created around this idea. And now it is finally happening.

A new $1.1 billion Jurassic theme park called Restless Planet, is being built in Dubai. The park will feature 109 animatronic dinosaurs of over 40 different species in a 500,000 square foot (46,000 square metre) space. The first-of-its-kind dinosaur park set in the new City of Arabia promises to take you back into the primitive world and give you some thrilling moments of interacting with dinosaurs.

Scheduled to open in the late 2008, the park is sure to increase the in-flow of dollars to the already cash-rich Dubai. Watch the promotional video released by the developers showing a T.Rex charging at visitors and pterodactyls flying overhead while you wait restlessly for the project to be completed.

Hopefully I get the chance to visit this theme park in the future (if I got the money), but I wonder how much they will charge for the entrance fee and I wish they don’t build this theme park just to market for the opulent tourist.

Oh, I have a suggestion for them. They should add some actions like the video below:

Exciting isn't it? What do you think? Chasing by T-Rex is definitely better than the boring rollercoaster ride and people will never forget for life after that.


Chan said...

Yes. This is really a exciting news for all dinosaur fans. I heard this news from one of the radio station few days ago. I heard that they even put smell on these dinosaur. So that visitor can not only see but even can smell these dinosaur. Its really amazing!

Hexacool said...

Oh..really? That's awesome! I wish they can make the dinosaurs fight!