Wednesday, January 23, 2008

MacBook Air - World's Thinnest Notebook

For a long time, Apple fans have been hoping for a slim and lightweight version of the MacBook to come along. Even the lightest MacBook was over 4.5 pounds (2kg). And so, after a long wait, it’s finally here. The MacBook Air.

Debut at the MacWorld 2008, the MacBook Air is currently the world’s thinnest (and may I add, the coolest) notebook in the market, measuring a mere 0.76-inch (1.94cm) in height and 3lbs (1.36kg) in weight.

It comes with 1.6GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB of memory, 80GB PATA hard disk drive, 13.3-inch glossy widescreen display, MacBook-style keyboard with backlighting, super-cool iPhone-like multi-touch trackpad, 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1+, and an awesome 5-hours battery life on Wi-Fi.

Take a look at the short ad:

Sounds amazing! It's like everybody's dream laptop. But surely it has its cons right? Yes, upon closer inspection you might ask, “Where did the optical drive go?”Apparently, Apple removed the optical drive to make the thinness possible. Quite a pain if you are a frequent user of optical drives.

But as always, Apple offers alternatives. First is the new Remote Disc feature, which is a software that you install on another Mac or PC on your home network, and it automatically shares that computer’s optical drive with your MacBook Air. The second alternative is to purchase the optional external SuperDrive at US$99.

Of course good things come with heavy price tags. A MacBook Air is currently priced at US$1,799. For the world's thinnest and the coolest laptop, what more could you ask for?

So, are you willing to pay more to get this cool laptop? or you rather buy another laptop with better specifications?

Friday, January 18, 2008

World's Longest-Lasting Battery Cell

Panasonic's new EVOLTA batteries have raised the bar by which all other batteries are judged. A battery that officially certified by Guinness Book of World Records as the "world's longest-lasting AA alkaline battery cell" at the press conference in Tokyo on Tuesday, January 15.

Panasonic promises its new Evolta battery cell -- whose name is derived from "evolution" and "voltage" -- will keep gadgets running 20 per cent longer than offerings from rivals Duracell and Energizer.

The battery also has a 10 year shelf life, making it suitable to store in preparation for disasters. Other batteries have about five to seven years of shelf life, according to Panasonic officials.
Evolta goes on sale in April in Japan, and is planned for overseas markets later this year.

The cost to own the best batteries? It will cost about US$5.40 for a pack of four in Japan, or about 15 per cent higher than regular batteries. Prices in the U.S. and elsewhere aren't yet decided but I'm sure it will be announced very soon.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Top 9 Unique Structures Soon To Be Built

Obviously, construction technologies are advancing extremely quick. With multi-billionnaires/deep-pocketed companies trying to outdo each other in the quest for the next standout design and you have a near-future filled with mile-high skyscrapers and buildings that no longer look like buildings.

Below are 9 strange and unique structures which have either been approved or are in the final stages of approval. Some have already been partially constructed.

Welcome to the future landscape.

1. Aqua, USA (Website)

This skyscraper is to be completed in 2009 in chicago, will seem quite traditional. It’ll only be special when you get close and look up, then you will see the ripple/jelly effect created by variously sized balconies from top to bottom.

2. Chicago Spire, USA (Website)

The phenomenal chicago spire, when completed in 2010, will be the world’s tallest residential building and the tallest building of any kind in the western world. Seemingly modelled on the image of a giant drill poking through the ground, the 609m structure will dominate the chicago skyline.

3. CCTV Headquaters, China (Website)

At a modest 234m the CCTV building isn’t going to stand out from a distance. However the design and shape is a crowdstopper to say the least and will be another incredible addition to Beijing’s skyline in time for the 2008 Olympics. The shape, described as a ‘Z Criss-Cross’ results in a very high, seemingly unsupported corner at the front. Let’s hope there’s a glass floor up there.

4. Regatta Hotel, Jakarta (Website)

Taking on a nautical theme, the developers say the 10 smaller towers represent sailing boats whilst the larger building is ‘the lighthouse’. It’s the lighthouse that steals the show for me, possibly the most incredible looking structure I’ve seen for a long time. If it ends up looking anything close to these pictures I’ll be impressed.

5. Residence Antilia, India (Architects’ Website)

Construction has begun on Residence Antilia despite opposition from those who see it as an ‘excessive’ design in a city where more than 65% of the population live in slums. Politics aside and after you recover from the initial shock of seeing a skyscraper that resembles an IKEA CD rack, the building actually looks like it may succeed as a stunning, unique, green piece of architecture.

6. Russia Tower (Architects’ Website)

Topped with an observation deck over the city of Moscow, Russia Tower will become the tallest building in europe when completed in 2012 and twice the height of the Eiffel Tower. Construction has already started on this angular beast which was designed by foster & partners, also responsible for the gherkin and spaceport America, currently in development.

7. Penang Global City Centre, Malaysia (Website)

Following months of speculation and sturdy opposition, this humungous project is in the final stages of approval and apparently construction will start very soon. Even so, due to the size of the plan it will take at least 15 years to complete. resembling a sci-fi city, the area will be crowned by 2 x 200m towers and completely transform the small island of Penang.

8. Gazprom Headquaters, Russia (Architects' Website)

This gigantic, 300m tall glass flame of a building will house the Gazprom Headquarters in St. Petersburg, dwarfing all structures in its vicinity. It will apparently change colour up to 10 times per day depending on the position of the sun. The building has already been nicknamed ‘Corn On The Cob’ by unhappy locals.

8. Burj Dubai, Dubai (Website)

This is the big one. When completed next year it will be the tallest man-made structure in the world and the tallest building by a long shot with a predicted height of 818m. Note: Currently the tallest building on earth, excluding an antenna, is Taipei 101 in Taiwan which stands at 509m. the photo below is the building’s current state: The skyscrapers below the Burj Dubai used to look tall.

The picture below shows the proposed height of the Burj Dubai compared to some other well known tall buildings.

I wonder how tall a building can be, are there any limits? What human can build in the future? What can we see in the next 20 years? A building that can transform and move from one place to another? No one knows.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Why Blogging?

It’s a new year, and 2008 is sure to be exciting for bloggers. I personally think blogging in 2008 will become common and everybody is going to know what is it actually. Even today, there are still many people who don’t even know what a blog is (despite the fact they probably read blogs daily and just never knew the name of the content delivery method). Just in case you don't know, you are actually reading a blog right now.

Back to the topic, why blogging? Here are some reasons I think you should know:

Blogging is FREE!
It costs you nothing to have a blog. You can turn yourself from a reader to a publisher and write whatever things you like. Free diary that last for years, why not?

Establish a Written History
Blogging can be an excellent way to record your experiences. You can do this professionally or personally in the form of a travel blog or diary. After years you still can look back what had you been through.

Improve yourself
A blog is an excellent way to display and practice your writing skills. If you can attract more people to read your blog, that means your are not bad at your writing skills, because nobody wants to visit a blog that they don't understand what the writer is trying to tell.

Share Knowledge
You can learn a lot of things from blogs around the world. People are sharing their knowledge everywhere. So don't be selfish and share what your know and you will gain more than you expected.

Connecting People
Most people will visit the site they're interested in and they will give useful comments. From there you will know more people with the same interest. Isn't it good to know all the people from other countries and they are actually have the same interest with you?

Make Money
There are many smart and talented writers who can create interesting and groundbreaking content. Some of them are making decent income online. Take John Chow as an example, he make money online by telling people how he did it. His blog income for the year 2007 had reached the six figure level.

2008 could be a true breakout year for blogs. A few years ago, some predicted blogs were a fad that would pass. Clearly, they were wrong. Blogs are here to stay for quite some time, and they are growing by astounding rates. So are you going to start blogging now?

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Year 2008!

I like to wish everybody in the world a very Happy New Year! 2007 was not a bad year for me, I started my very first blog and I hope I can get something out of it in 2008. I am still in a learning stage, learn how to monetize my blog. Yeah I know, it's not as easy as I thought, but I'll give it a try, never try never know, right? Hopefully I can generate enough income online for extra spending or to quit my day job. That's my goal for this year.

Have you had your goal set? When you have a goal, it’s important that you set a deadline. A goal without a deadline is just a dream. Set a goal, set a deadline, and then work like hell to make it happen!

Good bye 2007, hello 2008! Happy New Year everyone!