Monday, March 17, 2008

6 Social Networks That (Promise To) Pay

For a new social network to gain a piece of the pie from leaders MySpace and Facebook, it has to exhibit something different. Something that would attract potential members. But how else could a social network make itself different when MySpace and Facebook seem to have everything? For these 6 social networks, giving incentives or paying their members is their strategy to build membership base. I’ve tried a couple of these social networks that pay (or at least that promises to pay) but I never did anything to promote them to my friends and so I ‘vet never earned a single dime. For those looking for ways to earn from these social networking sites, examine each of them carefully and see which would really pay you to become members and to recruit members.

Here are 6 social networking sites that may actually pay you to become member and to recruit members:

Yuwie – Established sometime in 2007, Yuwie currently boast of more than 500K members to date. Yuwie’s payment scheme is similar to some MLM scheme when paying for referrals. The number of referrals would be multiplied to the number of page views that members get from their profiles, blogs, and other content in Yuwie. To learn more about Yuwie, watch this video.

Friendswin – Unlike Yuwie, Friendswin have a more complicated way of paying its members, more specifically its pioneering members or what it calls as IMRs. I signed up for Friendswin when it was still in beta mode and has not launched. There were several online seminar calls during those times but I never really understood what it’s all about. Friendswin has finally launched and it seems to be a pretty solid social networking site.

Ximmy – A social networking review site which pays gives corresponding points to members’ bookmarked news, videos, pictures and websites. Think of it as that pays. Points gained by members can be redeemed for cash. If you are into bookmarking, might as well earn from doing it.

Capazoo – Capazoo has several ways by which members can earn money, through membership referral and ad revenue sharing. When a member refers a new member and that referred member upgrades to privileged or VIP membership, the member who referred them will be given Zoop points which can be redeemed for cash. Capazoo also share its ad revenues to members’ 7% of all net profits three times a year and in 10% of advertising revenues once a month. Now this one seems interesting, I might try it out .

Myviewin – Similar to Yuwie, myviewin also pays members from recruiting new members to join the network. Aside from this, it also has ad revenue and profit sharing scheme for its members. What instant 5$? Join myviewin now.

Flixya – Offers 100% ad revenue sharing to members who have Google Adsense account. If you are an existing Adsense publisher, you can earn money by creating contents in Flixya.




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