Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Eco-Otome : Innovative Gadget To Cover Up Bathroom Noises

Toilet noises can be embarrassing, especially for women. But what can you do besides repeatedly flushing the toilet? It is a good idea but is extremely wasteful indeed.

So the Japanese came up with this excellent device called Eco-Otome. This tacky plastic cell phone fob emits the sound of running water at the push of a button, meaning that you can now preserve your feminine dignity without wasting a few liters of water in the process.

The sound plays for about 25 seconds and can be stopped by pushing the button and hold it more than 2 seconds.

They also ran repeated tests in order to determine the most appropriate volume. And, to make it even more authentic, they used real water to record the sound rather than reproducing it digitally.

With this great gadget, you can totally get rid of the embarrassing bathroom noises. You can take it with you everywhere and hang it on your handbag, mobile phone or clothes like just another fashion accessory. Sounds great isn't it?

Via: Strapya


Angie said...

welcome back, my fren!
you haven't been blogging for 1 year. Oh my god, look at the date.
But this little device is marvelous. The Japanese are always very creative!

Hexacool said...

Ya, exactly 1 year. To celebrate anniversary! Going to get one of this gadget?