Sunday, February 3, 2008

Strengthen Your Wi-Fi's Signal With Wi-Fire

What are the things that you hate the most when you using Wi-Fi to connect to the Internet? Have you ever plagued by low signal and lousy connections? I am sure you had.

hField Technologies can solve your problem with their excellent product called Wi-Fire. It is a compact high-performance USB Wi-Fi Adapter for Mac and PC that that enables you to access a wireless Internet connection from up to 1,000 feet away - three times the range of your internal wireless adapter.

Using the Wi-Fire is easy. The Wi-Fire draws very little power from your laptop battery. It comes complete with everything you need to connect wirelessly to the Internet. Just install the driver software, plug in the Wi-Fire to a USB port and you're ready to start. It can rest flat on any surface or clip securely to a laptop display or flat screen monitor.

The Wi-Fire Connection Manager reveals all available networks in the area - more than you've ever seen without the Wi-Fire. Simply select the strongest publicly accessible network (or private network for which you have authorization), rotate the Wi-Fire's 360-degree directional antenna to focus the signal and connect.

If you’re looking to improve your Internet connectivity and thereby improve your efficiency in any setting whether it’s the airport, park, shopping complex or even your bedroom, look no further than this valuable gizmo from hField Technologies. The device retails for $79 in the U.S.

The device is 3 x 4 x 3/8 inches in size. Although it looks a bit bulky, but I think that hField Technologies is going to improve on the size of this device soon.

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