Wednesday, January 23, 2008

MacBook Air - World's Thinnest Notebook

For a long time, Apple fans have been hoping for a slim and lightweight version of the MacBook to come along. Even the lightest MacBook was over 4.5 pounds (2kg). And so, after a long wait, it’s finally here. The MacBook Air.

Debut at the MacWorld 2008, the MacBook Air is currently the world’s thinnest (and may I add, the coolest) notebook in the market, measuring a mere 0.76-inch (1.94cm) in height and 3lbs (1.36kg) in weight.

It comes with 1.6GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB of memory, 80GB PATA hard disk drive, 13.3-inch glossy widescreen display, MacBook-style keyboard with backlighting, super-cool iPhone-like multi-touch trackpad, 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1+, and an awesome 5-hours battery life on Wi-Fi.

Take a look at the short ad:

Sounds amazing! It's like everybody's dream laptop. But surely it has its cons right? Yes, upon closer inspection you might ask, “Where did the optical drive go?”Apparently, Apple removed the optical drive to make the thinness possible. Quite a pain if you are a frequent user of optical drives.

But as always, Apple offers alternatives. First is the new Remote Disc feature, which is a software that you install on another Mac or PC on your home network, and it automatically shares that computer’s optical drive with your MacBook Air. The second alternative is to purchase the optional external SuperDrive at US$99.

Of course good things come with heavy price tags. A MacBook Air is currently priced at US$1,799. For the world's thinnest and the coolest laptop, what more could you ask for?

So, are you willing to pay more to get this cool laptop? or you rather buy another laptop with better specifications?

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