Friday, April 4, 2008

ApriPoko - Toshiba's Universal Remote Controller-bot

This cute little thing is actually a voice-operated infrared universal remote control for multiple home appliances. The 5-pound, 11-inch-tall android is called ApriPoko, and is capable of learning how to control electronics by watching you and asking questions about your behavior.

ApriPoko sits in the living room and waits for you to use a remote control. When its sensors detect infrared rays emitted by a remote, the robot speaks up: “What did you just do?” it asks. Talk back to ApriPoko (”I turned on the TV” or “I switched to channel MTV,” for example), and it will memorize your actions. It's even equipped with a camera to identify users, presumably to learn their habits. So, next time when you want to turn on the TV or change the channel, simply tell ApriPoko and it will move its IR transmitter arm and transmit appropriate IR signal directly to the device.

Apparently, this little guy is still in the R&D stages and is limited to simple commands, but Toshiba is plan to turn this technology into a consumer product soon.

[Source: Pink Tentacle]

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