Friday, May 2, 2008

Iron Man - It Rocks!

After seeing "Iron Man", there are some memorable and heart-stopping scenes that I like and I'm sure everybody still remember these scenes after came out from the cinema. A few scenes like Tony Stark/Iron Man flies around in his suit, testing it out and injuring himself numerous times in the process, not to mention the scene in the beginning of the film where he makes his daring escape after being captured by terrorists in Afghanistan.

It was an incredible treat to see the comic finally brought to the big screen. It was an even bigger treat to see it done so practically flawlessly. I would say this film is on par with the first "Spider-Man" movie and even better than many of the Marvel-Hero-Movies.

A large part of the success of "Iron Man" is due to the performance of Robert Downey Jr. He perfectly captures the cocky playboy attitude of Tony before being captured. He's sexist, egotistical, and inconsiderate, yet equally charming, funny, and likable. Very few actors could pull that off, yet Downey does it. He's equally convincing when Stark has his moral compass shifted and decides to become a superhero. Downey injects a ton of humor into his performance and it's never over the top. This is especially apparent in scenes where he's testing the Mark II armor components. He also has great chemistry with Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts. The two have a professional relationship that's walking the fine line of being a romantic one. The constant flirting mixed with mutual respect makes this a bit more satisfying than the tortured romance between Mary Jane and Peter Parker. They are both supported by an excellent cast.

That's the other key to "Iron Man's" success – the humor. There are frequent laughs in the movie but never so many as to turn it into comedy. And it's not just Downey's one-liners that contribute to this. For example, the opening scenes showing Stark's gleefully decadent playboy lifestyle offer up lots of laughs. How can you not get a kick out of a prim and proper corporate jet that turns into a bachelor's fantasy mid-flight? Or the seemingly constantly available bar that travels with Tony? These little touches really make the movie an enjoyable experience.

Another thing that makes "Iron Man" such a success is the action. The live action suits, beautifully created by Stan Winston Studios, are perfectly merged with the CGI from ILM. With the Mark I armor we're treated to an intense battle in a cave with the terrorists. The practical suit of armor is as clunky, and lethal, as you'd expect. Later we see the Mark II armor in test flight. But it's the Mark III red and gold armor that's most impressive. When it finally goes into battle, the fanboy in you will leap for joy. We see Tony battling gunmen, tanks, jet fighters, and finally Iron Monger. It all leaves you wanting to see much more.

I think the final key factor of success with "Iron Man" is that it will please comic book fans while still being accessible to people who have never read the book. "Iron Man" is everything you'd hope a comic book movie would be. It's a great start to a new franchise and a fantastic start for Marvel Studios. "Iron Man" is a great way to kick off your summer movie-going experience. Go watch it! You will never regret.


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