Thursday, May 8, 2008

Typeracer - How Fast Can You Type?

Wanna put your typing skills to a test? Typeracer is the site you looking for. You are represented as a car, competing against other cars (other users around the world) and finish up the provided sentence as fast as possible, the more words you type correctly, your car move faster, whoever reach the finishing point the fastest will win.

To play the game is easy, no need any registration, just type in your nick and that's it. Have fun!


The Aries said...

You have wonderful blog too
Success for you

felinesopher said...

What a cool blog, I love how you re-design your image header here while you're still using the platform, amazed me!

Fitz said...

That's pretty entertaining. I only did about 67 words per minute, but that's good enough for me. Thanks for the post!

lightening said...

What a cool site!!! I have only just published a post today on touch typing. Might have to add this site to my post. :)

Hexacool said...

felinsopher: Thanks for support and compliment.

fitz: My best record was 40 wpm only, way far from yours.

lightening: You are welcome to do so! Thanks for your support too!

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