Monday, June 2, 2008

Barbeque Anywhere You Want

Thinking of throw a barbeque party at your house's garden with your friends and family but you want the barbeque party to be special. Voyage barbeque grid is the solution. VOYAGE is a moveable outdoor barbeque ensemble with a complete range of equipment and furniture integrated into its design.

VOYAGE is the product specially designed for the people who enjoy outdoor barbeques. It comes with a barbeque cooking unit, dining table, chairs, cupboard, refrigerator (which I think is a great additions), dishwasher and even an iPod dock. It is so cool that you can enjoy your favourites music at the same time. This BBQ design concept was designed by the quartet of He Cheng, Lou Wanlan, Zhang Wenjun and Liao Hui has even won the Red Dot design awards.

There are something which I think would be great to add into it. How about a water tap and basin? Don't you think is useful and handy when you comes to a situation that there is no where near the water tap? Maybe I might get a chance to enter my name in the designer name list (I must be dreaming... haha).

[Source: Red-Dot]


Jeflin said...

Great blog, I love your reviews on innovative products.

Azure Islands Designs said...

Just found your blog...very interesting, reviewing unique products...