Monday, January 7, 2008

Why Blogging?

It’s a new year, and 2008 is sure to be exciting for bloggers. I personally think blogging in 2008 will become common and everybody is going to know what is it actually. Even today, there are still many people who don’t even know what a blog is (despite the fact they probably read blogs daily and just never knew the name of the content delivery method). Just in case you don't know, you are actually reading a blog right now.

Back to the topic, why blogging? Here are some reasons I think you should know:

Blogging is FREE!
It costs you nothing to have a blog. You can turn yourself from a reader to a publisher and write whatever things you like. Free diary that last for years, why not?

Establish a Written History
Blogging can be an excellent way to record your experiences. You can do this professionally or personally in the form of a travel blog or diary. After years you still can look back what had you been through.

Improve yourself
A blog is an excellent way to display and practice your writing skills. If you can attract more people to read your blog, that means your are not bad at your writing skills, because nobody wants to visit a blog that they don't understand what the writer is trying to tell.

Share Knowledge
You can learn a lot of things from blogs around the world. People are sharing their knowledge everywhere. So don't be selfish and share what your know and you will gain more than you expected.

Connecting People
Most people will visit the site they're interested in and they will give useful comments. From there you will know more people with the same interest. Isn't it good to know all the people from other countries and they are actually have the same interest with you?

Make Money
There are many smart and talented writers who can create interesting and groundbreaking content. Some of them are making decent income online. Take John Chow as an example, he make money online by telling people how he did it. His blog income for the year 2007 had reached the six figure level.

2008 could be a true breakout year for blogs. A few years ago, some predicted blogs were a fad that would pass. Clearly, they were wrong. Blogs are here to stay for quite some time, and they are growing by astounding rates. So are you going to start blogging now?

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